4th Annual
Health Fair!

This is our 4th year and we hope it will be the best yet! Each year we evaluate how to make the health fair better than the previous year. The change to holding it in the Stanley Center that sits behind the beautiful St. Catherine’s church on Centre Avenue in Portage (Psss… right next door to our office) was a game changer! Not only did we not have to worry about rain but the cold either! It is Michigan!

This year’s goal is to work even harder on getting the word out to the community. To come enjoy some lunch on us and get to know all of you! Who wouldn’t want to spend an early afternoon like that?

Remember, people love an interactive booth and with being inside again, we’re up for whatever you have in mind! There is plenty of electrical outlets to go around!

If you would like to join us this year, please fill out a vendor form below to reserve your space.


Check out who was here last year!

Land of Light Home of the Acupuncture Center of Southwest MI
AAA Kalamazoo County
West Lake Drugs